IBMA Office

Executive Director
Jennifer Lewis

Ph: +44 (0)7711-115764

Jennifer Lewis was appointed as IBMA Executive Director beginning of June 2019, following David Cary, who was IBMA first Executive Director for almost 10 years.

Jennifer is passionate about IPM, reducing the reliance on traditional pesticides through the uptake of these integrated programmes of pest and disease control in crop production throughout Europe.

Prior to IBMA, Jennifer Lewis was Head of Innovation and Development for IBMA Member Certis Europe and part of their Management Board. Certis Europe is a company involved since many years in biocontrol with a large portfolio including products from all biocontrol four groups Microbials, Macroorganisms, Natural Substances and Semiochemicals.

Jennifer was responsible for the development and previously the registration of Certis’ portfolio in Europe as well as already involved in IBMA as Vice Chairman of the UK branch of our association. Furthermore, Jennifer has worked on building the Certis Europe range of biocontrol products integrating them into IPM systems. She has advocated for the practicalities of reducing reliance on pesticides, while retaining agricultural yields.

Between 2005 and 2009 Jennifer was former IBMA Member BCP General Manager, a beneficial insect production company selling beneficial insects for pest control throughout Europe.

Jennifer has worked in crop protection since she graduated, including testing the environmental effects of pesticides in Brazil, the US and Australia and latterly in various marketing, regulatory and stewardship roles in the US and Europe.

This broad background allows her bringing to the role the blend of experience, knowledge of the business and the technical elements as well as a shared passion for our industry.


Special Advisor (Retiring Executive Director)
David Cary

Ph: +44 (0)7775-514840

David has been IBMA's inaugural Executive Director, starting in 2010. His career path has been focused on IPM, resistance management, implementation of biocontrol techniques, and systems based control of pests and diseases.

David is an entomologist by training and spent several years co-ordinating, conducting, assessing, reporting efficacy trials and supervising regulatory compliance for biological agricultural inputs. He was a key player in the formation of BPG (BioProtection Global) and works closely with international bodies including OECD, FAO and EPPO.

David is passionate about reducing the reliance on traditional pesticides through finding, developing, registering and bringing to market new solutions to feed a growing world population whilst respecting biodiversity, the environment and protecting human health.

Working today as Special Advisor to IBMA, he actively participates in promoting the biocontrol industry and ensuring that any regulation is proportionate to risk. He promotes a globally harmonised regional regulatory and product development focus and is confident that we will see more global co-ordination in the near future. 

Communications and Operations Manager
Isabelle Pinzauti BabrzyƄski  

Ph: +32 (0) 231 18 42
+32 (0)497 69 58 42

Prior to joining IBMA, Isabelle was a communication and public affairs consultant specialized in food, agriculture and sustainability, both within an agency and as a freelance. She had a very diverse portfolio of clients from large industries to small local NGOs.

During her carreer, she was employed by an European environmental NGO working to support safe sustainable agricultural methods. For this NGO, Isabelle held the position of Communication Officer and Project Coordinator, doing campaigning, advocacy, events management and administration. In addition, she briefly worked for the French Marketing Agency for Food, Wine and Lifestyle and has also experience in journalism and internal communication.

Isabelle is a French and Italian national and speaks fluent English and Polish. She has a good knowledge of Spanish and basis in German, Flemish and Hungarian.

Isabelle holds a Double Master’s degree in European Affairs from SciencesPo (Political Sciences Institute in Paris) and SGH (Warsaw School of Economics). In addition, Isabelle also holds a one year specializing Master’s degree in Food Culture and Communications from the University of Gastronomic Sciences (Bra, Italy).


Regulatory Affairs Director
Ulf Heilig


Since 2005 IBMA has entrusted Ulf with a permanent mission in International Relations in Regulatory Affairs. IBMA members and other ABIM attendees are familiar with his presentations on regulatory issues.
During his studies in biology he progressively specialised in insects. He obtained a doctorate in entomology after having conducted research work in a laboratory of the French CNRS.
For more than 10 years Ulf worked in industry as technical manager gaining practical experience in development and technical advice, in environmental health and plant protection. For 3 years, he worked in business development for a C.R.O. in toxicology and other safety studies.
Since 1999 he is working as independent consultant advising EU-focused companies and organisations in the areas of regulatory affairs, field development and market access for biocontrol products.
In the course of his mission for IBMA Ulf regularly exchanges and meets with regulators of the European Commission, with evaluators (e.g. EFSA) and EU policy makers. He participates in international meetings, seminars, workshops and expert groups, e.g. in OECD WGP and the affiliated BioPesticide Steering Group as well as in EU Working Groups on Biopesticides and Low-risk.

Administrative Assistant
Louisa Püschel     

Landline: +32 (0) 231 18 42

Louisa is looking after bookkeeping and administrative matters and assisting Isabelle with event organising and website activities. She works from the office in Brussels on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Louisa is a French and German national and speaks fluent English and Swedish. She holds a Master’s degree in History and Political Theory from SciencesPo (Political Sciences Institute in Paris) and a diploma in Civil, Commercial and Social Mediation from the Saint-Louis University in Brussels.



Sylvia Plak

Sylvia is Registration and Regulatory Affairs Director at Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe SAS, a position she has held since 2009. She has previously also combined this with the role of Development Director. As she leads activities for both conventional and biocontrol plant protection products, Sylvia has gained a great deal of experience developing and registering all types of technologies. She is also member of the company Management Committee and is therefore deeply involved in other facets of company strategy and operations.

Sylvia obtained a Degree as an agricultural engineer at the University of Agricultural Science in Gembloux (Belgium) and is fluent in French, Dutch and English. During her career, she has been active in industry associations at national, European and global level, representing industry for 30 years. Linked to the hybrid product range she is managing in EMEA Region, she is currently member of ECPA’s Regulatory Policy Team. Due to the growing importance of the biocontrol products, Sumitomo Chemical strongly supports Sylvia in this presidential position.


Roma Gwynn


Our Vice-president is Roma Gwynn from APS Biocontrol, UK. APS' core technology is based on bacteriophage; naturally-occurring, safe antimicrobials. Their lead product is Biolyse®; a bacteriophage-based solution for washed and packed fresh produce. APS also works in the field of insect control, working on the great Scottish biting midge, including online midge forecasting service and an award-wining insect repellent, Smidge.t. 

Roma holds an MSc in Technology for Crop Protection and a PhD in Insect Pathology, has worked as an entomologist and nematologist for the UK agriculture advisory service and then as an insect pathologist at a government research institute. From there she progressed to working in biocontrol product development and regulation for commercial companies, leading to her current work as a biopesticide specialist.


Karine Grosbeau

Karine, Head of Regulation and Registration at Eléphant Vert, has been very active in IBMA for more than 7 years, taking part in several IBMA working groups at national (France) as well as at global level. She has a broad background and a strong network in regulation, in particular for biocontrol products in Europe and in Africa.

Karine represents Eléphant Vert in EBIC and is involved in AFAIA, the French association for crop-growing, mulching, soil improvement, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers and biostimulants businesses. She is also a French expert in the commission for standardization of biostimulants at EU level.