IBMA and Copa-Cogeca Workshop: Key meeting on Regulatory Policy on Bacillus cereus and the Risk of a Future Without Microbial Pesticides in Europe.

IBMA, in collaboration with Copa-Cogeca, the European Farmers and European agri-cooperatives association,  organized on the 28th March, a one-day workshop to explore the implications of Bacillus cereus relating to the recent EFSA opinion on the safety microbial pesticides.

The purpose of the workshop was to inform about this important topic, demonstrate the safety of products and provide an open dialogue on this essential issue.

It was in attendance of the key food companies, food labs, biocontrol manufacturers, grower organizations, and member state representatives.

Key Presentation Topics
For Protecting Sustainability and Productivity
• The Evolution of Food Production: The Relevance of
Bacillus species to Agriculture and IPM
• The Evolution of Food Safety: the Crossroads Between
Epidemiology and BioProtection
• The Evolution of Food Diagnostics: Science-based
Solutions Today and Into the Future

The workshop will also include dynamic discussion on:
• The EFSA opinion on the Safety of Bt in Foodstuffs
• The path forward for Regulation & the EU Commission
• Challenges and Solutions in For Food Testing

For more details, read the programme and discover the presentations as well as the Conclusions.