IBMA, IOBC and PAN Europe are pleased to inform you that their 5th SUD Symposium: Unlocking the IPM triangle -  Using Green tools 1st  will take place in the European Parliament, Brussels on Tuesday 7th February 2017 from 15.00 to 18.00.

We will welcome you from 14.15 to have a coffee and starting the discussion on IPM, supporting a large tool box for farmers, offering them all the possible alternatives from agronomic practices to chemicals as a last resort, not forgetting about biological control methods and monitoring produced by IBMA producers.

This year symposium will focus on the solutions for grapes and vineyards. 

Discover the programme! 

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In addition, the presentations are available:

Sole responsibility for the presentations content lies with the authors and speakers. Their views are not necessarily shared by the co-organizers.

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