The programme of top LATAM and international speakers

The 3 day meeting will feature selected presentations on key current Biocontrol topics delivered by world renowned speakers/organisations.

Conference papers will contribute to our understanding of the role and use of biocontrol solutions in agriculture, including:

Global Biocontrol Market
Market for Biocontrol in LATAM
Main trends in the LATAM industry
Biocontrol Regulatory in LATAM
The US legislation, an example to follow?
Biocontrol as a business – adoption by growers and distributors
Biocontrol and biostimulants: going together in LATAM?
Biologicals Production and Formulation
Emerging technologies in microbials, natural extracts and semiochemicals

Biocontrol LATAM 2016 builds on the successful Biocontrol ASIA 2015 meeting held in New Delhi in March, attended by over 100 companies from more than 30 countries.

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