Natural Substances

This group is chaired by Lara Ramaekers, with Francesco Greco as Vice-Chair.

Lara Ramaekers:

  • Chair
  • Arysta LifeScience, Global Product Manager (Bio)-Fungicides
  • Based in Liège, Belgium
  • lara.ramaekers(AT)
  • 0032 476 86 56 59

Francesco Greco

  • Vice-Chair
  • CBC Europe, Biogard Division, Regulatory Specialist
  • Based in Italy
  • fgreco(AT)


Furthermore, a Steering Group has been put in place for 2018:


In order to work in the most effective way, the Professional Group has selected a clear top 3 of key topics to work on in 2018:

Key topics NP PG 2018

These topics have been selected with a lot of consensus as you can see from the last 2 columns e.g. 74% of all participants had the Natural and Biochemical Products Definition Topic listed in their top 3 while 56% had it listed as the number 1 topic. Hence, they are confident they have chosen the right top 3 of key topics for this professional group.

During the first meeting of the Steering Group held on Dec 12, 2017, the action plan and timelines for each key topic were discussed and an appropriate working group for each topic selected.

In 2018, the Natural and Biochemical Products Group will have four meetings through conference calls on Jan 16, Mar 20, Sept 11 and Nov 13 (for the Steering Group only).
There will also be two face-to-face meetings on May 14-15 in Leuven, Belgium and October 22 (ABIM) in Basel, Switzerland.At both face-to-face meetings, all members of the NBPG including observers/informants are welcome.

We are looking forward to a productive 2018 for this Professional Group!

Please note that a group charter has been set up:

NP PG Charter