IBMA Position papers

As an industry associations based in Brussels, IBMA works on several European regulations. On this page, you may read our position papers.

Last Position Paper:

Position paper on the interpretation of ‘native’ in invertebrate biocontrol agent regulations

Position Paper:

IBMA proposed approach to revise procedures via amendment or adaption of Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 for the EU approval of Low-risk Active Substances and authorisation and placing Low-risk Products on the market in EU Member States.

IBMA requests the EU Commission to address the observed shortcomings of the existing regulation on bringing biocontrol solutions as examples of low-risk substances and products to the market.

Background: The intention of 1107/2009 when approved by EU Council and EU Parliament was to reduce the reliance of EU agriculture on traditional chemistry-based plant protection products (PPPs). This was seen as a two point approach, with one objective to restrict the use of those products that pose the most risk to human health and the environment and the second objective to facilitate the authorisation, bringing to the market and use of lower risk active substances and products. To date whilst the 1st objective is being effectively addressed, the 2nd objective has proved elusive.

Various issues related to authorisation of biocontrol agents, including review prioritisation, resourcing, level of expertise, lack of guidance documents, timelines to registration, costs of registration, etc. has resulted in the biocontrol industry taking decisions to abandon or delay submission of innovative products in the EU. Following submission biocontrol active substances have suffered disproportionately through resourcing issues and severe delays to registrations and review conclusions.

Position Paper:

Constraints to Providing Biopesticides for the Farmer.

Position Paper:

Incentives for Low-risk Active Substances.

Position Paper:

Regulation of Invertebrate Biological Control Agents.