IBMA collaborates with several stakeholders
in Brussels and around the world:


Founded in 2007, the Brazilian Association of Biological Control of Companies (ABCBio), is the only employers' association of biological pesticides in Brazil. Its mission is to bring together companies. The association aims at the modernization and professionalization of its sector, with active participation in the construction of regulatory frameworks.

Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers

ANBP is a professional association representing the biological pest management industry. Augmentative biological control utilizes beneficial insects, mites and nematodes to manage agricultural, horticultural and plant pests. ANBP membership includes producers, distributors, and in addition, users of natural enemies as well as allied industry supporters, university researchers, extension agents and regulatory representatives. 
ANBP's mission is to address key issues of the augmentative biological control industry through advocacy, education, and quality assurance.

BPIA Biopesticide Industry Alliance

BPIA is dedicated to fostering adoption of biopesticide technology through increased awareness about their effectiveness and full range of benefits to a progressive pest management program.

Copa Cogeca

The united voice of farmers and their cooperatives in the European Union.

In July 2014, we wrote together a COPA-COGECA and IBMA Roadmap for collaboration. This Roadmap will be soon updated. 

ECPA European Crop Protection Association

ECPA acts as the ambassador of the crop protection industry in Europe and represents the industry's European regional network. We promote modern agricultural technology in the context of sustainable development, one which protects the health of humans and the environment, and, in doing so, seek to build understanding of our role on why pesticides are needed, recognition of our contribution towards an affordable healthy diet, competitive agriculture and high quality of life, and uphold informed dialogue about our views, values and beliefs.


Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect the environment and to promote peace. We value our independence and do not accept donations from governments, the EU, businesses or political parties. Greenpeace European Unit is part of the international Greenpeace network with over 40 offices and about three million supporters. We monitor the work of the EU, expose deficient policies and challenge decision-makers to implement progressive solutions.

IOBC-WPRS International for Biological and Integrated Control

IOBC-WPRS is a Europe-based International Organisation of scientists and other professionals investigating the use of sustainable, environmentally safe, economically feasible, socially acceptable control methods of pests and diseases of agricultural crops. Therefore IOBC-WPRS encourages collaboration in the development and promotion of Biological and Integrated Pest Management. IOBC-WPRS fosters research and practical application, training and information exchange, especially of all methods including biological control as part of integrated pest management.

PAN Europe Pesticide Action Network Europe

PAN Europe is an NGO working to minimise negative effects and replace the use of hazardous chemicals with ecologically sound alternatives.  Our network brings together public health, and environmental organisations and women's groups from across 19 European countries. We work to eliminate dependency on chemical pesticides and to support safe sustainable pest control methods.

SABO South African Bioproducts Organization

The purpose of SABO is to develop the bio-control industry in South Africa and to regulate the activities of participants in accordance with high ethical and science-based standards.
It is the home organization of manufacturers and researchers in the field of Bioproducts: biocontrol agents, plant and microbial extracts, and plant resistance enhancers.