The Standing Committee on plants, animals, food and feed voted unanimously the low-risk criteria.

IBMA welcome after a long period of consultation criteria for low-risk active substances for use in plant protection products. Recognition of differences between conventional PPPs and biological PPPs have been recognised in the criteria. The importance of representative products and uses is stressed as in order to benefit from any current or future incentives for PPPs containing low-risk active substances such uses must have been assessed in a risk envelope before low-risk status is granted.

The proposed revised LR criteria (SANTE 12376/2015 = Draft implementing measure/act D046260/02) voted in the Standing Committee PAFF on 22 & 23 March can now be accessed via the Comitology Register / EU Monitor.

Please note that the texts are still going through the European Commission political procedures and under scrutiny of the European Parliament (deadline on the 20th July)

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