5th Annual Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference: Registration of Plant Protection Products

In association with the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, the 5th Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference returns once again on the 11th and 12th April, focusing on the registration of plant protection products, specifically aimed at supporting SMEs.

The 5th Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference will yet again attract both industry professionals and representatives from across Europe. It is sure to offer an interesting and stimulating event full of networking opportunities.

The conference aims to help SMEs from Eastern EU to get a better insight of the EU procedures and at the same time help Western EU companies to better understand the local specifics of the regions. It is an attempt to form a bridge across the European Union. In addition to practical advice for industry on product authorisations, the theme of the event will also cover more general topics such as emergency and minor uses, practical experience with Article 43 and an update from the Commission on the active substance renewal programme.

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