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Bernard Blum Award 2017 for Novel Biocontrol Solutions

IBMA proudly announces a unique opportunity to call for nominations for the 2017 Bernard Blum Award. An innovative biocontrol solution is sought that will make a high impact in the management of pests or diseases whilst having a low impact on human health and the environment. The call for nominations ends 15 July 2017.
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IBMA and Copa-Cogeca Workshop to explore the implications of Bacillus cereus relating to the recent EFSA opinion on the safety microbial pesticides - 28th March - Brussels

Conclusions and Presentations available - IBMA, in collaboration with Copa-Cogeca, the European Farmers and European agri-cooperatives association, are organizing, a one-day workshop to explore the implications of Bacillus cereus relating to the recent EFSA opinion on the safety microbial pesticides.
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The Standing Committee on plants, animals, food and feed voted unanimously the low-risk criteria.

IBMA welcome after a long period of consultation criteria for low-risk active substances for use in plant protection products - More information available on the European Commission website
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GFIA Europe, 9th and 10th May, Utrecht, The Netherlands - IBMA will be present!

Don’t miss IBMA Stand and presentations!
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Ambassadors plea for fast registration biological control products in Colombia

With a clear message, the Belgium and Dutch ambassadors in Colombia introduced an important meeting for Biobest and Koppert Colombia in Bogotá. “Take the opportunity that biological control brings. It is very interesting economically, and let´s not forget the health of the environment, the growers and the consumers,” argued Dutch ambassador Jeroen Roodenburg.
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The European Parliament voted by an overwhelming majority in favour of the Motion for a Resolution on low-risk pesticides of biological origin.

On 15 February 2017, the European Parliament adopted the Motion for a Resolution on faster access to the European market for biological low-risk pesticides during its plenary session in Strasbourg.
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Presentations Available - 5th SUD Symposium: Unlocking the IPM triangle - Using Green tools 1st

IBMA, IOBC and PAN Europe are pleased to inform you that their 5th SUD Symposium: Unlocking the IPM triangle - Using Green tools 1st will take place in the European Parliament, Brussels on Tuesday 7th February 2017 from 15.00 to 18.00. Discover the presentations!
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5th Annual Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference: Registration of Plant Protection Products

In association with the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, the 5th Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference returns once again, focusing on the registration of plant protection products, specifically aimed at supporting SMEs.
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The European Parliament ENVI Committee votes to speed up low-risk products registration

The European Parliament ENVI - Environment, Public Health and Food Safety- Committee votes 59 to 1 for a motion calling on DG Sante to modify 1107/2009 to speed up low-risk products registration within 2 years.
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Workshop for young scientists Development of Biological control products

BIOCOMES will organize a training workshop for young scientists on the development of economically and ecologically sustainable microbial biological control products on 17-19 January 2017 in Schwentinental, Germany.
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Biocontrol Latam 2016 Tuesday 15th – Thursday 17th November 2016 in São Paulo, Brasil

New Ag International, 2BMonthly, IBMA and ABCBio join forces to organise Biocontrol LATAM 2016 Conference & Exhibition - the largest international event to cover biocontrol in Latin America.
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IBMA Press Release: IBMA Official response to the Implementation Plan on Acceleration of Sustainable Plant Protection: Priority for low-risk plant protection products

IBMA Official response to the Implementation Plan on Acceleration of Sustainable Plant Protection as proposed by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs: Priority for low-risk plant protection products, as indicated in the Preamble (17) of Regulation (EC) 1107/2009, means prioritizing now
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ECPA-IBMA workshop - EFSA role in evaluation of PPPs - 7th and 8th June 2016 - Parma, Italy

IBMA and ECPA (the European Crop Protection Association) are once again organizing a joint workshop to discuss key developments in EFSA’s work related to the evaluation of active substances as well as scientific and new guidance development.
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Exhibition Integrated Pest Management: Working with nature

With their exhibition IOBC-wprs. IBMA and PAN Europe wish to illustrate what Integrated Pest Management means, and how the Sustainable Use Directive can be implemented.
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4th Annual Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference: Registration of Plant Protection Products,12th and 13th April in Budapest, Hungary

In association with the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, the Eastern Europe Regulatory Conference on the registration of plant protection products, which was well attended by both industry professionals and representatives from across Europe, returns for its fourth year in Budapest.
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Biocontrol and Biopesticide Associations Form International Federation

WASHINGTON – February 2, 2016 – BioProtection Global (BPG) is the new name that has been adopted by the Federation of the world's leading Biocontrol and Biopesticide Associations, established in fall 2014.
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Symposium “Feeding Europe while reducing pesticide dependency“. Presentations available

We would like to thank all the speakers for having participated to our 4th Symposium on the 19th November and contributed to this debate. Their presentations are available here.
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Bernard Blum Award for Novel Biocontrol Solutions

IBMA is very proud to announce a unique opportunity to call for nominations from the industry for novel biocontrol solutions that will make an impact on this rapidly growing market.
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The International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association celebrates its 20 year anniversary.

In 1995 Bernard Blum called a number of companies together to develop the idea of the formation of a biocontrol association. These visionary leaders anticipated an important and growing industry in the field of plant protection.
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A new COST Action (FA1405) was approved

It is entitled “Using three-way interactions between plants, microbes and arthropods to enhance crop protection and production”.
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BPIA Selects Experienced Environmental Attorney and Association Executive as New Executive Director

On the10th August the Biopesticide Industry Alliance (BPIA) announced it selection of Keith Jones as its new executive director.
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The EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility has started!

On 1st September Mr Jeroen Meeussen started work as coordinator for the new EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility. Minor uses of pesticides are uses on niche crops with a high economic value for farmers, but usually of low economic interest for the agro-pesticide industry. The mission of the Facility is 'to enable farmers in the EU to produce high quality crops by filling minor uses gaps through efficient collaboration to improve availability of chemical and non-chemical tools within an integrated pest management (IPM) framework’.
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Biopesticides – Innovative technologies and strategies for pest control - 7th - 9th September 2015 at Swansea University

Another meeting of interest for the biocontrol industry
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Two events of interest for our industry

The Prague Biocides Conference 2015 (25-26 June 2015) and the 2015 BPIA Registration Workshop (15-16 September 2015) Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, VA
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University of Warwick’s 50th year - Events in Brussels on Bee Health and IPM

On Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th June 2015, the third of University of Warwick's 50th Anniversary international events takes place in Brussels. Led by the University of Warwick's Global Research Priorities (GRP) programmes , this event will bring together Warwick and Brussels' experts working in the field of Food and Global Governance.
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Copa Cogeca Magazine: EU Farmers and Agri-Cooperatives

''Demand for bio-pesticides really growing,but hindered by long, overly bureaucratic regulatory system.'' IBMA President warns.
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International PHYTOMA-Spain Encounter on DROSOPHILA SUZUKII

Ecology and control of Drosophila suzukii after five years in our crops
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IBMA Spain - 13th Symposium of Plant Protection

IBMA Spain participated in the 13 Symposium of Plant Protection, that has been held in Sevilla, days 28,29 and 30th january 2015.
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IBMA Spain participated in SmartFruit IPM International Congress Edition, 11th to 12th March 2015 in Barcelona.
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PAN Europe - IBMA Joint Press release

On the 26th November 2014, PAN Europe and IBMA sent a joint press release.
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Bernard Blum passed away

In August 2014, Bernard Blum, one of IBMA founding members, suddenly left us.
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