Microbial Biocontrol Agents (MBCA) Professional Group

Producers of beneficial pathogens used in crop protection such as bacteria, fungi, virus as well as of beneficial soil microorganisms (endo mycorhizes or depolluting soil agents).

Main group topics:

  • Adoption of a satisfactory registration framework for microorganisms
  • Collaboration with national and EU registration authorities in order to press for adoption of a reasonable system of registration
  • Participation of members in COST action projects (COST Actions 850, 862, 873 and FAO 701) etc…

Microbials Steering group


Matthias von Erffa, matthias.vonerffa(AT)bayer.com


Patrick Frettinger, patrick.frettinger(AT)basf.com


Mikaela Bistrom, mbistrom(AT)lallemand.com

Roma Gwynn, rgwynn(AT)biorationale.co.uk

Christina Donat, christina.donat(AT)bio-ferm.com

Elisabeth Douce, elisabeth.douce(AT)arysta.com

Sergio Franceschini, sfranceschini(AT)cbceurope.it

Rüdiger Hauschild, ruediger.hauschild(AT)appliedinsectscience.com

Deborah Meier, deborah.meier(AT)biocontrol.ch

Willem Ravensberg, wravensberg(AT)koppert.nl

Mark Whittaker, mark(AT)appliedinsectscience.com