Honorary Members 



Bernard Blum

Served IBMA as it’s founding president and was instrumental in establishing the association as the “go to” organisation for biocontrol within EU institutions and OECD. In 2015 an Award was established to honour Bernard and reward practical biocontrol solutions coming to the market.


Sara Chatham

Served IBMA through establishing administrative support and communication from the establishment of the association until the office was moved to and fully established and maintained in Brussels.


Louis Damoiseau

Served IBMA Global as Treasurer and IBMA France as President and was responsible for establishing biocontrol training within the Academy of BioControl in Paris.


Michel Guillon

Served IBMA as it’s second president and established outreach efforts to obtain global membership and promotion of biocontrol.


Ulf Heilig

Is serving the interests of IBMA since he was appointed by Bernard Blum to provide and manage regulatory affairs for the association in the EU and at OECD level. He has established the IBMA Regulatory Affairs website and provides valuable advice and assistance to the IBMA Board, Executive Director, Executive Committee and Members to this day.


Robin Sheppard

Served IBMA Global representing the Semio-chemicals Professional Group and IBMA UK as Secretary and was responsible for co-ordinating the IBMA SCLP Task Force combined regulatory dossier and managing the registration process.


Vittorio Veronelli

Vittorio has served IBMA committees, National Groups, Executive Committee, Board and our industry unselfishly and diligently from 2004. His role on the Triumvirate and Board has been particularly productive for our association and our industry.

Ralf-Udo Ehlers

Ralf-Udo Ehlers


Willem Ravensberg

Willem Ravensberg