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BPIA - Second International Biocontrol Industry Symposium

Our sister organisation BPIA organized a Symposium on the 1sr and 2nd March 2016 in Monterrey, California USA.

These is the list of the presentations done during this event 


  • Biopesticides in the U.S.: Past, Present and Future, Jim Jones (USEPA)
  • EU & US Regulatory Harmonization Efforts on Bicontrol Agents: Learning by Doing, Luuk van Duijn (CTGB)
  • Minor Uses a Place for Biocontrol Solutions, Jeroen Meeussen (OECD-BPSG)
  • BioProtection Global Update: activities with IGOs and NGOs, Willem Ravensberg (IBMA)
  • A Brief Update of Biological Control in Brasil, Pedro Faria, Jr. (ABC Bio)
  • South African Initiative, Andre Fox (SABO)
  • The Toothpick Method: Biocontrol of Striga in Kenya for Smallholder Farmers, David Sands (Montana State        University)
  • Macro Organisms Market Update, Lynn LeBeck (ANBP)
  • Global Biologicals Market Update , Bill Dunham (Dunham Trimmer)
  • Strengthening Markets through Formulation, Application and Evaluation Technology, Luis A. Mazariegos          (LAM International Corp)
  • Ensuring Consistency of Key Message Points Across the BPG, Ashish Malik (Bayer Crop Science division)
  • Biostimulants Update, Prem Warrior (Valagro Corp)
  • Biotechnology Products: A Global Report, Xiomara Sinisterra-Hunter (AgTec)


4th Symposium “Feeding Europe while reducing pesticide dependency”

Hosted by: Pavel Poc, Member of the European Parliament

Conclusions by Chairman Michael Hamell

The 4th edition of the Symposium, co-organized by Euro Coop, Greenpeace, IBMA, IOBC-WPRS and PAN Europe, will take place on the 19th November.

Experts will share their experience on the growing demand and market for non-chemical tools as alternatives to pesticides in pest management. Farmers, scientists, industry, NGOs and co-operative retailers will present insights and ways forward to significantly reduce pesticide dependency.

This year the symposium will also address the economic opportunities that reducing pesticide dependency provides, as well as present concrete and promising changes to move from intensive apple production to sustainable apple growing.

Participants will, in addition, discuss the progress and limitations of Member States’ implementation of the EU Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUPD; EC/128/2009)Welcome by Michael Hamell, Professor of Agriculture, University College Dublin (chair and moderator) and Pavel Poc, Member of the European Parliament

Pesticide policies, testimonies from EU and national institutions

  • Ladislav Miko, Deputy Director General DG Santé, European Commission report on the implementation of the Sustainable Use Directive
  • Anita Conijn, Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Head of Unit Plant health and Phytosanitary Market access, Pesticide policies - the Dutch example
  • Vincent van Bol, Coordination of the Belgian Federal Reduction Plan of Pesticides, Federal Belgian Ministry of Health, The way forward for Belgian towns – a way to ensure serious implementation of the SUD
    Questions and answer

Sustainability and innovation a business perspective

  • Willem Ravensberg, producer of biological control products
  • Philippe Rothgerber, fruit and vine grower
  • Rosita Zilli, Euro Coop
    Questions and answer

Sustainable use of pesticides as a growth model for Europe

  • Wyn Grant, University of Warwich, The Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Jesper Lund Larsen, Danish workers union, Healthy workers a key in Europe’s growth model
    Debate with respondent MEPs Pavel Poc, Jytte Guteland, Benedek Javor, Damiano Zoffoli

Towards sustainable apple growing – Current reality and farmers’ success stories

  • Claudio Ioriatti, and Alberto Dorigoni, IOBC-WPRS, History of biocontrol and IPM on apple, outlook on future research challenges
  • Marco Contiero, Greenpeace Agriculture Policy Director, Pesticide use in European agriculture - apple production as a case study
  • Alessandro Dal Piaz, Freshfel, Director of Assomela and Italian apple grower, How field practice uptakes research innovation
  • Danny Billens, Belgium, organic apple grower
    Debate with respondent MEPs Herbert Dorfmann, Marco Zullo – also participating Alessandro Rossi, European Commission DG AGRI, Unit on horticultural products

Implementation of the Sustainable Use Directive

  • Henriette Christensen, PAN Europe, time for a serious revision of National Action Plans
  • David Cary, IBMA, The low-risk concept in regards to the Sustainable Use Directive
    Debate with respondent MEPs Karin Kadenbach, Pavel Poc, Rosa d’Amato – also participating Patrizia Pitton, European Commission DG SANTE

Conclusion by Michael Hamell

2015 iFresh Asian Fruit & Vegetable Industry Summit

Shanghai Everbright International Hotel

2015 iFresh Asian Fruit and Vegetable Industry Summit will carry out deep discussion and share experience within industry around current hot topics like development of new products for import and export, package and operation of own brand, case analysis of O2O business model, channel expansion of direct picking and selling in place of origin, sharing of agricultural capital operation mode, efficiency promotion of package and distribution, postharvest and deep processing technology of fruit and vegetable.

It aims at open the import and export trade channel, expand distribution channel in mainland, promote own brand and improve additional value of high quality products.

Read more on our news page.


The 1st International Biocontrol industry symposium and workshop

On the 3rd of March in Fresno,California,  USA. This event is open to all members of biopesticide/biocontrol associations.

It will be directly followed by the Bioncontrols 2015 conference and tradeshow.This event is open to the general public, mainly distributors and advisers.

All information available here.


Biocontrol Asia

on the 17th and 18th of March in New Delhi, India –only for the members of biocontrol industries associations- ; followed by the 13th NewAG International until the 20th March.

All information available here.


9.00 – 13.00, European Parliament, room ASP 5E1

09.00 - Welcome by Benedek Jávor, Vice-chair of the ENVI Committee

09.05 - Welcome by Michael Hamell, Professor of Agriculture, University College Dublin

09.15 - What is being done on pesticide related issues during the Italian Presidency, Silvia Nicoli, Agricultural Expert from the Permanent Representation of Italy

09.20 - Pesticides and retailers: the Euro Coop perspective and the Coop Denmark case study - Rosita Zilli (Euro Coop) and Malene Teller Blume (Coop Denmark)

09.35 - Pesticide impacts and alternatives - A scientific perspective - Kirsten Thompson (Scientist, Greenpeace Research Laboratories)

09.45 - Integrated pest management: the future is already here by Ilaria Pertot and Andrea Lucchi (Vice Presidents of IOBC-wprs)

10.00 - A serious implementation of the EU Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUDP), ways forward - Henriette Christensen and David Cary (PAN and Executive Director, IBMA)

10.15 - 10.30 - Break

10.30 -11.40 - Success stories about farmers reducing pesticide use

  • Mauro Varner, Cantine Mezzacorona (Viticulture advisor)
  • August Jost (Maize grower from Austria)
  • Felix Wäckers (Professor, Lancaster University, Director R&D Biobest)
  • Erich Stekovics (Vegetable grower from Austria)

Questions and debate with David Baldock (IEEP), Noa Simon (Utrecht University), Pavel Poc (MEP, Vice chair of ENVI Committee), Herbert Dorfmann (MEP) and Marco Zullo (MEP)

11.40 – 12.50 Ways forward to reduce pesticide use in the EU

  • What is European Commission SANCO doing to implement the SUDP by Ladislav Miko (Acting Director General, European Commission, DG Sanco)
  • How can the Common Agricultural Policy, especially the Farm Advisory Service, help implementa­tion of SUDP by Joost Korte (Deputy Director General, European Commission, DG Agri)

Panel discussions with David Baldock (IEEP), Michael Hamell (University College Dublin), Pavel Poc (MEP, Vice-chair of ENVI Committee), Nicola Caputo (MEP) and Karin Kadenbach (MEP)

12.50 - Conclusion by Michael Hamell



Feeding Europe with less pesticides

5 December 2013. IBMA-PAN Europe joint symposium on Feeding Europe with less pesticides’, hosted by MEP Kadenbach, MEP Pietikainen and MEP Staes. View Invitation, Programme,Conclusions, Short Biographies of the Presenting Speakers and the list of participants.

Chaired by Michael Hamell, Adjunct Professor of Agriculture, University College Dublin

09.00 Welcome - by the co-hosting MEPs Bart Staes, Sirpa Pietikäinen and Karin Kadenbach.

9.50-11.30 The potential of IPM

How much does conversion to Integrated Pest Management cost farmers - INRA studies of farmers groupsby Bertrand Omon, DEPHY ECOPHYTO –(Chambre d’Agriculture Eure)
From pesticide addiction to ecologically based Integrated Pest Management by Joop van Lenteren, (IOBC International)
How far has the EU come in the conversion to IPM Potential and obstacles to the further development of alternatives to pesticides by Karel Bolckmans (IBMA)
Roundtable debate with speakers and: Anne Glover, (Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission.), Francois Veillerette (PAN Europe), David Gee (Former Science/Policy Adviser, EEA), Frank Wijnands (IOBC)

11.30-13.00 Which EU policies promote IPM?

The reform of the Common Agricultural Policy: a move towards integrated production? by Alina Ujapan, member of the cabinet of Commissioner Ciolos
The EU debate on resource efficiency: a move towards integrated production? by Natalie Pauwels, member of cabinet of Commissioner Potocnik
How to ensure that Member States meet their IPM targets set in the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive? Michael Flüh, Head of Unit Pesticides DG SANCO
Roundtable debate with speakers and: José Bové, (MEP), David Baldock (IEEP), Ralf-Udo Ehlers (IBMA)

13.00-14.30 Lunch and exhibition sponsored by IBMA

14.30 What is the Role of Certification Schemes? by David Baldock (IEEP)

15.00-16.30 Highways and Byways towards IPM innovation?

Are member states engaging in the needed conversion towards IPM? by Francois Veillerette (PAN Europe)
How Swiss government and Swiss farmers are engaging in crop rotation by Franz Bigler (IOBC)
Anticipated Biocontrol regulatory submissions and issues experienced from the IBMA Members Regulatory Survey – by David Cary (IBMA)
Roundtable debate with speakers and Patrizia Pitton, (DG SANCO), Giuseppe Ciotti (Director General Rural Development, Italian Ministry)

16.30-17.45 How are partners engaging in the move towards IPM – agricultural innovations.

The potential role of biocontrol centres by Margareta Hökeberg (The Swedish Centre for Biological Control, SLU)
Innovations in practice replacing chemicals in crop protection and influencing IPM goal – by Kenneth Alness (Lantmännen BioAgri AB)
Chemical company initiatives – by Matthias von Erffa (Bayer Crop Science)
Roundtable debate with speakers and Iman Boot, (DG AGRI, European Commission), Luc Peeters (COPA-COGECA), Henriette Christensen (PAN Europe), Felix Wäckers (IBMA)

17.45 Conclusion: ‘Is there a limit to growth of pesticides?’

18.00 Close