May 2017

  • 18

    IBMA - PAN Europe Farm Visit

    Philippe Rothgerber, passionate farmer, IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association) and PAN Europe (Pesticide Action Network)would like to invite you on the afternoon of Thursday 18th May to give you another chance explore how to apply integrated pest management in apple orchard and wine growing in Traenheim, very close to Strasbourg.

    The purpose of this farm visit is to show what integrated pest management in perennials is: Illustrating how to use Green tools first, meaning: applying good agronomic methods, monitoring, mechanical and physical methods in addition to biocontrol products in the fight against pests and disease.

    The farm is 11 hectares, and is specialized in apples and grapes production, managed according to Integrated Pest Management rules since the early seventies, now finishing its conversion into organic.

    The farmer, Philippe Rothgerber, who will show us around holds an arboriculture and viticulture degree. Philippe's farming project is not only interesting because he is a very innovative farmers always looking for new ideas to apply on his farm, but is also interesting as Philippe also devotes time to helping other farmers with the uptake and use of biocontrol products.

    Philippe, IBMA and PAN Europe believe that the future of agriculture should be more respectful of the environment and the consumer’s as well as the farmer’shealth and would like to invite you to experience a farm where Green goes 1st! 

    Come and join us in discovering a farmer using the available tools to avoid pests and disease in the most sustainable way possible.

    If you wish to come, please register by the 3rd May sending an email to Isabelle Pinzauti Babrzyński