International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association is the voice of the Biocontrol industry and represents all its members to promote biocontrol and bring to the market via proportionate regulation modern, green biocontrol tools, inspired by, harnessed or harvested from nature. These green biocontrol tools protect the crops and environment of today and importantly tomorrow, and are the first choice for controlling pests and diseases sustainably.

IBMA provides a platform for its members to express and share their views to further shape one common positioning towards institutional actors, policy makers, media and the public.

All our activities aim at intensifying the use of biological crop protection, animal health and public hygiene. For this purpose IBMA actively shares its expertise in the field (through trainings and information) to stimulate both business development and skills of its members’ staff. Our members are strongly advised to cooperate and collaborate through beneficial joint projects and sharing of information. 

Moreover, IBMA actively sets up and implements ethical professional rules. We also ensure that product quality standards required by the market are met. We also provide our members with a jobs portal to find adequate human resources.

  • Ensuring proportionate regulation of members’ products
  • Promoting interests and activities of its’ members
  • Most activity of members is in crop protection
  • Strong growth in the use of biocontrol products
  • Strong European focus
  • Establishing a global network
  • Diversification into other areas

If you would like to apply for membership please download and complete this dossier: