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The International Biocontrol Manufacturers' Association (IBMA) is the worldwide association of biocontrol industries producing microorganisms, macroorganisms, semiochemicals and natural pesticides for plant protection and public health.

Alternative, biological and non-chemical plant protection has become an important issue worldwide, in order to correct the negative impact and the risks associated with the extensive and often inappropriate use of conventional chemical pesticides.

Based on long years of intensive research and development, the "Biocontrol industry" is growing fast and can offer safe and cost- effective solutions to society.

IBMA was created in 1995 to represent the views of these biological control producers, which are mainly small companies with limited resources: Manufacturers, research organisations, extension services, consultants, distributors, all contributing to the development of biocontrol and participating in IBMA activities.

With members throughout the World, IBMA is a worldwide organisation for biological crop protection, sustainable soil management, animal health and public hygiene.

IBMA actively seeks to form a global federation of likeminded regional associations and have already formed a working link with BPIA in North America.

IBMA participate in the activities of international organisations such as OECD, FAO, WHO, the International Forum for Chemical Safety, the European Commission, etc…


Bernard Blum passed away

Dear members of IBMA,

It is with great sadness that I inform you about the sudden death of Bernard Blum, one of the founding members of IBMA. He died unexpectedly of a heart attack last week.

He was one of the founding fathers of our association nearly 20 years ago, was President for the first two years, and then continued in numerous other positions within the association. Bernard worked tirelessly for our industry and helped shape the current changes in international biological plant protection and production. Our industry owes him for all he has done to open people’s minds to the concept of biocontrol! He will be forever remembered as a fighter, and will be missed both as a friend and colleague.

The funeral service will be held on 21st August in Paris, details are provided in the News section, as is a contact address to express your condolences.

Willem Ravensberg, President IBMA.




Bernard Blum


Biopesticide Industry Alliance


BPIA, Biopesticide Industry Alliance

ASEAN Cooperation


GIZ (German International Cooperation) – IBMA Partnership:

Project ASEAN Biocontrol for Sustainable Agrifood Systems.
Project of promotion task force for development of BCA use and Production in SE Asia:

Project Commercialisation of Biopesticides in South east Asia:


New Ag International is the official partner publication of IBMA

Canadian Insect Producer Database


Service to our members: The link with the Canadian Insect Producer Database provides a useful indication on "Who is producing Which Beneficial Insect"

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December 2014:

IBMA Spain will participate in the 13 Symposium of Plant Protection, that will be held in Sevilla, days 28,29 and 30th january 2015.

IBMA Spain will be participating in the next SmartFruit IPM International Congress Edition,
to be held the 11th to 12th March 2015 in Barcelona

November 2014:

PAN Europe & IBMA, Joint Press Release

IBMA Regulatory Seminars at ABIM 2014: Presentations of Ulf Heilig (members only)

Symposium: "Feeding Europe with fewer pesticides", European Parliament, Brussels.
Presentations (members only)

International Relations Regulatory Affairs, Activity Reports,
Ulf Heilig,
May - Aug. 2014 (members only)

July 2014:

Copa-Cogeca & IBMA Collaboration
Roadmap 2014/2015
(members only)

IBMA Summer Newsletter, July 2014 Newsletter (pdf, members only)

Biocontrol Asia 2015 & 13th New Ag International Conference & Exhibition, 17.-20.03.2015, New Dehli, India

Biocontrol Asia 2015 &
13th New Ag International
Conference & Exhibition
17.-20.03.2015, India


ABIM: Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting

Next Annual Biocontrol Industry Meetings

ABIM 2015:

ABIM 2016:
24-26 October 2016

ABIM 2017:
23-25 October 2017





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